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by Motion ADS

Posted on September 27, 2017 at 01:00 PM

We know that the print media have served very well in the past however the Digital Signage is increasing its efficiency and presence progressively, which makes the Digital Poster initiates the replacement of printed posters, on the one hand the print media have operated and managed very well the market, being used as posters, catalogs and others, for some brands this type of communications is still relevant and functional, but let's look more closely at the two sides of the coin, making small comparisons.

1.-Saving money

It is clear that the costs for an initial installation of Digital Signage are usually high compared to printed signage however the saving of money with Digital Signage is not presented immediately if not over time, initially printed poster requires time and money for administration, printing, distribution, updating, employees, etc. On the other hand Digital Signage after being installed we can deploy hundreds of content, whether videos, images, Motion Posters, etc.


"Time is money" Having quality digital content at hand and with a few clicks, you can display new content in your store, in multiple locations, even around the city, country or world, which means that you can instantly update your campaigns at the time, day or date of your choice.

3.- Attractive Contents

It is true that printed media such as brochures for example are very manageable for readers because of their small format, making even their distribution is simple and to some extent economic, making this medium very flexible, if we continue with print media as the posters or posters that you see in the movies, may have more differences with a Motion Poster (Poster with movement or Digital Poster). Just think about the moments when you see something moving near you, immediately You turn around to see what it is, using the same idea, the Digital Signage attracts your attention, creates a sense of curiosity to discover what is moving.

In short, both media, whether digital or printed have their place in business, in Motion ADS we believe that your tools depend on your goals and in the same way we believe that Why choose? Why not take advantage of both? What would happen if you present a Motion Poster in your business to get the attention of your clients and complements it with a brochure for example, so those 10 seconds that you got attention are reinforced with more information of offers, for example.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about digital subjects, read the following article (Effective Motion Posters for Traffic Points) and do not forget to write your opinions. (

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