Digital Signage for Restaurants

by Motion ADS

Posted on October 19, 2017 at 10:00 AM

It is becoming more common to see Digital Signage in Restaurants because the innovations and the reduction in costs.

The Digital Signage draws the attention from the outside giving visibility to each person that passes in front of your restaurant, personalizing the digital contents can be attracted to the public with offers or you can personalize campaigns, avoiding that your clients pass in front of you without look at your business. Do not let your customers and potential customers miss your restaurant, take advantage to expand information about your menu, interact with the public, so that once your clients enter, They will not escape.

If you own or manage a cafeteria, bar or restaurant, and you have Digital Signage, do not waste your investment, get advice and choose the best digital content as well as strategies to attract the attention of your consumers and maintain their fidelity.

1.- Simplicity.
Do not complicate the contents of your Digital Signage with useless images and especially loaded with text. Do not make people read too much because they will not, simply include the details necessary for your audience to have a wake-up call. It includes verbs or words of short action, logo, images, be practical.

2.- Objectives.
Special offers, sales, events in your restaurant. Define your goal to develop an effective message.

3.- Clarity.
Make sure that the name or explain clearlywhat your restaurant provides, the customer has to know clearly and quickly what you do, to make the decision whether you are interested in your product or not.

4.- REAL Images and Videos.
Use only your own content, your menu because if when you get the public to your restaurant does not find what you promised outside, that visit may be only a sale BUT not a loyal customer.

5.- Movement.
Digital Signage makes use of animation, creative editing and video, through the proper use of visual effects, message, your offer, and menu becomes more striking and attractive, urging the audience to take action and enter eat something in a restaurant or consume more if you are inside.

In summary we can improve the experience of all our customers and the public with the simple fact of providing more information, the Digital Signage can improve any type of business, from a restaurant to airports, music stores, perfume shops, jewelry stores, coffee shops, etc. If you are interested in improving your restaurant or business to increase sales and customers, you should investigate everything Digital Signage can offer you.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Digital Signage, you can read the following article (Link: What is a Motion Poster?) Or watch videos of Digital Signage as Motion Posters in this other link (Digital Contents for Digital Signage); do not forget to write your opinions. (

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