What is Digital Signage?

by Motion ADS

Posted on August 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM

What is Digital Signage

We can consider Digital Signage (DS), as the set of technologies composed of LCD Screens, Videowalls, LED Screens, Servers and / or Image Players, together with their Contents (videos), to be presented to a viewer. These technologies can be passive, like any screen where only content is displayed with no opportunity to does anything more than see it, or Interactive, such as when we visit a Kiosk Guide in a commercial square, or a tablet with information of a car in a dealership, Or an Augmented Reality (AR) smartphone as with the Pokémon GO challenge.

Passive content can be videos with a lot of movement and audio, like an Infomercial or a TV commercial, they can be Motion Posters, which technically are a video but conceptually they are a graphic poster that at times is animated, or Can be a series of photos and still images in succession with a predetermined exposure duration for each one. The duration of the contents The Interactive Contents can be of diverse types, from a simple map to locate a place with respect to where we are, to Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR), passing through Contents similar to a web page Where several options are shown in which the viewer, in this case converted into a user, can move (navigating).

Assembling Digital Signage equipment can be very simple or complicated depending on the magnitude of the project and the objectives. The easiest and most informal way is to place a normal TV screen and use the ability they currently have to most play videos and / or photos via a USB stick. When it comes to setting up an entire Digital Signage NETWORK, with dozens of screens, players and other infrastructure it is best to hire an Integrator that provides studies and adequate equipment to avoid acquiring inadequate or insufficient equipment according to the purpose of the Network.

As for the type of Contents to show can go from showing a series of photos to Specialized Content for each type of Business and Location. The important thing is to be clear about the purpose of the Digital Signage Network.

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