What is a Motion Poster?

by Motion ADS

Posted on August 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM

A Motion Poster or Motion Poster is the animated version of a printed poster.

It's like the paintings of the Harry Potter School, which at first sight are normal paintings but suddenly, they move!

Technically a Motion Poster is a video, but conceptually it could be said that it is a printed poster that suddenly moves. The movement of the elements of a Motion Poster is not to tell a story but to make a brief call of attention to the viewer without further distracting.

The Motion Poster shares design with the printed poster, it occupies the same graphic elements and its objective is that from the first seconds the viewer knows what the message is about, hence its effectiveness to be shown in Transit Points (POT) and Points of Sale (POS).

We are accustomed to having a screen in its "normal" orientation, the longer side horizontally, show us TV programs and videos, which implies "pay attention" and in automatic if we come across a screen like that in a POT we tend To ignore it, because we do not have time to "pay attention" because our goal is to transit. On the other hand, when viewing a vertical screen we associate it with a printed poster, which demands much more attention because we know that we can check them with just a glance. Therefore one of the most common features of the Motion Posteris that the screen that shows them has a vertical orientation to help us to make sure that your Content is not ignored by the people that transited.

In a POT the viewer does NOT stop to see what a screen presents, because its goal is to reach another point, therefore the time that counts to get your attention is only a few seconds, in that brief span We must transmit the main information (Product, Service, Report) and catch their interest, we must sometimes appeal to their subconscious, to humor, or to certain needs, all so as to remember the message while walking.

Unless it's a Mixed Point, such as POT and POP, normally the products advertised on a Motion Poster are not exactly on hand at the moment, so it's vital to remember when you finally get to the product.

In the case of Motion Posters for POS the attention of the viewer is in the process of payment, therefore the messages must be even more direct in the Contents for this location.

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